2020 Redesign

Welcome to the beginning of my latest website build. I will be working on my site publicly so you can keep track of my latest efforts. I’m hoping to work on the following in this next version:

  • Going back to the original WordPress build and working from there. My last site was coded from scratch and there were things that were not always updated properly.
  • Search. I want the information to be easy to find.
  • Newsletter subscription. Get my updates in your inbox.
  • Comments. On the fence whether to keep commenting available, not sure I like having to keep an eye on this.
  • Dark mode. Automatic switch of the theme to make the site appropriately legible.
  • Contact form. Make it easier to leave me a message.
  • Make my blog my primary focus.
  • Better content layouts. The right space for the right content on the right screen.

If theres something you feel I should add, let me know. Always open to suggestion.