2021 Site Update

I have made some significant updates to my website this week. It’s still a work in progress of course, so forgive me if things are a bit all over the place.


I’ve stuck with a self hosted WordPress build. Other options were plain HTML, SquareSpace, weblow & wix. I decided to just go with a new theme. An bold update to the theme I have used for years and I still rather like.

Inclusive Design

I am making every effort to make my site more accessible, so will be working on that iteratively moving forward. I also figured out how to make it switch to dark mode, which I can’t stop flicking between. It is supposed to pick up your preferences too and your previous choice when you last visited. Do let me know if this is working for you.


I removed some javascript and external site dependences. Fonts are now hosted on my server. I have heard that makes it more optimised. In an attempt to reduce plugin dependency, I dropped features like the custom background colour. If you hadn’t already noticed the two-tone design I have gone for.

No Portfolio

Given I rarely push pixels around much anymore, I thought I’d drop the portfolio of work which was getting harder to update. While I still direct design, and make stuff work, I thought I’d rather start writing some great articles which demonstrate how talented I am, and why you should hire me.

Still no forms

I’m still trying to decide whether having a newsletter subscription, comments, contact form and the ability to search is worth adding a privacy policy etc to my site. Some help deciding would be most welcome.

Still to come …

I will mostly focus on making the site as accessible as possible, improve my writing, to better reflect where my head is at and how I think. At this stage in my life, its using my brain, not just my body (of work) that will give me the most joy and likely attract the audience I am after.

… one last thing

If you spot any fowl ups, please drop me a note, I’d appreciate any feedback rather than looking like a tit for not spotting something you clearly couldn’t miss.