Am I a polymath?

Leonardo da Vinci was known for painting, drawing, sculpting, science, engineering, architecture, and anatomy during the Renaissance era. Due to his expertise in many subjects, he was a polymath. I believe that had he been around now, he would have been a designer.

I can paint, draw, sculpt, design, code, lead, teach, speak, animate, illustrate, write, direct, edit … I’m even a qualified personal trainer. I’m pretty good at most of those things. So does that make me a polymath?

I’d like to believe that I am. I often joke with people that I’m the unicorn they talk about. I certainly don’t have imposter syndrome. But am I an expert in each of those fields? No, I am not. See the definition of a polymath is someone whose knowledge spans a substantial number of subjects. I would go so far as saying a pioneer. An expert in that field. Which to some degree I have been a learner of many subjects. But I’m not an expert.

I consider myself a design professional. A practitioner of the highest standards. But only in a few disciplines. I don’t practice a lot of the things I’m naturally pretty good at, all that often. So in my opinion, I’m no expert. Of course, I have plenty of time in my life. So watch this space 😉