Career Path

While working in the corporate world, I have noticed that a lot of colleagues have let their job guide the direction of their career. While I understand this, as it’s tough out there and holding onto your job and believing in the place you work is something you might have little choice in doing. I’d strongly encourage people to rather focus on their career path and let your goals guide your job choices.

As designers, we have a pretty clear career path. This might mean moving around a little, gaining experience in agencies, in-house teams, consulting, freelancing, etc, but ultimately this diversity will add to your resume. Over my 20+ year career, I have endlessly evolved my skills, learning new tools and techniques, and working my way up the ranks.

Some of the people I have. worked with have moved around within a company and done all sorts of things, just to keep their job and maintain some sort of standing within the organisation. What surprised me most is how many people were doing jobs that had nothing to do with what they were interested in, or even studied, but were career-enhancing within the organisational structure.

If your goal is to be recognised in the industry, then it’s probably better to focus on those goals, rather than the company you’re working for and develop your skills in the industry you are in. Don’t let the job define your career path, focus on your career goals, and find the jobs that will get you there.