Coach vs Advisor

I have decided to give designers and leaders some guidance, and wasn’t sure what I should call this new service offering. I asked people to select either Design Coach or Design Advisor?

I got a surprising response from people, especially people who know me. Most people chose Design Coach, which is what I believed I should call myself, given the thought I have put into this. But there were a lot of people who also chose Design Advisor.

I decided to ask a few people why they thought Design Advisor was a good name, and immediately it became apparent there was confusion as to the service I was offering. So I thought I’d offer some guidance as to why I have chosen to sell Design Coaching.

People seem to think that I was offering guidance in the form of design advice to projects, something I’d likely be doing as a consultant. The problem with that is I couldn’t give you advice in an hour session. I’d likely not be able to offer design advice in several sessions. It’s something I’d need to work through, and take many hours, days weeks and months.

On the other hand, as a coach, I’d be giving you career advice, helping you level up, teach leaders how to give design feedback, give portfolio advice or just be a design therapist. Just like athletes have a coach to improve their game, I’d be doing the same for designers and leaders.

If you need 1-on-1 design coaching, book a session now. Otherwise, get in touch and I’ll work with you and your team as a consultant.