• Posted in: Design, UX
  • On: 1 March 2021

I’m a traditional creative. I trust my gut. I mostly get it right. However, sometimes I get it wrong. The more I have matured as designer, the more I prefer to leverage some sort of data.

Data led

While I respect the data. It has easily been the best way to prove a point and resolve an argument. I believe in not blindly letting this dictate every decision I make.

Testing fails

In order to test, most of the time you have to already come up with solutions, which you validate against a select group of participants riddled with their own bias. This to me, is not gospel.

Design by committee

This term is what focus groups and small user tests often feel like. Not that they don’t give some insights. But they’re not conclusive. I much prefer to take the input from people who are actually using the products I build. Talk to the people in our call centre and watch the balance sheets.

Let the data inform

I prefer to let the data inform my decisions, there are just too many variables to consider, and to unpack them all every time I need to produce something, would leave me in an endless loop.

Make. Break. Iterate.

I have learned by doing, by making, breaking and iterating. [That just sounded good] So I leverage that experience, I am informed by the data and then make a calculated decision. Sometimes things just need to feel right.