I have spent most of the the past couple of days DoomScrolling through social media. It’s almost unbelievable what is going on and how it is affecting me.

I tend to ignore most of what is going on locally as I remain quarantined in the safety of my apartment. Other than a few ramblings I hear in conversations with friends and keeping an eye on the cases/deaths/recoveries of covid19, I am content to just remain in isolation.

What has my head spinning and my fingers scrolling is the constant updates on twitter regarding that lunatic dictator in the white house who has basically declared war on the citizens of the united states and the obscene response to the brutal attacks on people fighting for equality in America.

I am not inspired to create, to work on myself, but rather I am all in on understanding the crazy landscape of the world we’re living in. I feel like history is writing itself and instead of reading about it later, I’m living it now. But it’s not some blissful dream, it’s more like a painful nightmare.

I am very aware that there are people with far greater reasons to be sad right now, but I have to acknowledge the heartbreak I feel seeing this all unfold this way and feeling this so deeply, despite it not happening to me. I am merely on the other end of the world, scrolling my way to what feels like our impending doom.