Editor X

It’s an exciting time online when the way we build digital products is becoming so much easier. I recently started exploring no code solutions while assisting a friend with a few projects.

No code

No code is a new online solution, that allows people to build websites and apps without any knowledge of coding. This rapidly increases the average person’s ability to produce a working digital solution without all the crazy costs of developers.

I have coded websites since the ’90s. My developer friends feel completely threatened by all of this, as they should be. Not because they will have no use, but rather because they should have evolved within their careers. If shifting your focus isn’t what you want to do, well guys build no code solutions then.


I have a lot of friends who are DJ’s. Often they debate whether the way current DJs prerecord a set and simply hit play is “real DJing” rather than spinning vinyl.

I’d argue that while there is an art to that, the song selection is the art now. It”s using the tools of the time. This is the same for developers.

Online Design Editors

I was literally writing a post about how companies like InVision, Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD should be building design tools more like no code editors.

The current design tools basically require designers to draw out buttons, text boxes, etc, instead of just dragging and dropping these components into a design and then styling them and tweaking their functionality.

Wix has beaten me to the punch by releasing Editor X an online responsive design collaborative editor.

Healthy Friction

I have always opposed the likes of Wix myself. I’m of course a purest who learned to code in a text editor. However, it’s easier and more cost-effective to tell clients to just use SquareSpaces solutions to build their online presence. So I’m really open to these new tools as I don’t see the point in hard coding websites anymore. The cost is minimal compared to traditional development and best practices and current trends guide designs. So unless you have crazy budgets, these new solutions are perfect.

Free Solution

Even if you are a large organisation, designs should be done in a tool like this. as. They will allow you to build working prototypes in no time. Designers don’t need to hand this over to developers with endless annotations, they will be able to see how the site is meant to. look and feel.

The editor is free to use. There’s also a free published solution and then some reasonably priced wix solutions for a custom domain and more serious options.