• Posted in: Thoughts
  • On: 19 January 2021

Be gentle my good man, be a gentleman.
Tone it down, way down.
Ease up, don’t be tense.
Be kind, treat others the way you want to be treated.
Don’t be stroppy, it’s lazy.
Be soft, tread lightly.
Be aware, know thyself.
Be eloquent, be a gent.
Be patient, aggression is not needed to make a point.
Be composed, we are all trying our best.
It’s not weak to be a little kinder.
It’s not less manly, to be a little gentler.
Get rid of the brut, it’s only a bad 80’s fragrance.
Be human, we no longer have to hunt and war.
Be respectful of others.
No need to talk that way.
Being a gentleman is the right way.

Not sure thats poetry, but it’s my thoughts on being a better man, on being a better human. No one has time for aggressive misguided masculine behavior. This is as much a reminder to myself as it is to other men.

Be a gentle man, gentleman.