Hardly working

We have all gotten caught up in our jobs and overworked. More than likely we have been burned out. Reset and strived for balance in our lives. Usually falling back into the hustle, working ourselves too hard. Then the virus hit. For many people. Work stopped. Not slowed down. It was no more. While I think the world could use a break. I think this period of zero opportunities has started to take it’s toll.

Monday person

I honestly love what I do. I’m excited about Monday mornings. I work hard and play hard (like a child). So this sitting around, not being able to practice my craft is harder than I let on. I try not to complain. I probably do, but I am very aware, and I really don’t even mind someone telling me if I do. However, I feel some days like I have lost a piece of myself.

I have done a small amount of design work. But it’s not the work I want to do. It’s the work available to me. Mostly for friends. Low paying projects, nothing close to the talent and experience I can bring to the table.


Those who don’t know. I deiced last year to relocate to London. I can work there. Provided I am there. Everyone I talk to keeps telling me companies will only hire me, if I’m there. Which is odd given they are all working remotely anyway. Pandemic, in case you’ve forgotten. So I’m waiting on my flight to not get cancelled and I relocate.

London seems to have more opportunities for Design Leaders like myself. I have been looking for a full-time opportunity for over a year, with little opportunity to even apply. While I am consulting, the remote thing doesn’t really work either. Coaching is there, but money is tight for people. So self-development is low on people’s list.

Hard to work

It’s been really difficult. When I’m not working on small projects. I try and motivate myself to keep making stuff. I’ve tinkered with my site. I have started many conceptual projects. Written and re-written my CV and LinkedIn profile. Attempted to draw and failed. Made a couple of videos. And, I have tried writing every other day.

It’s a struggle. It’s like losing a part of myself. I fear not getting back. I can only try and stay optimistic. Believe that when I find something, I’ll have enough in me. To be working hard, not hardly working.