I made it to London

  • Posted in: Update
  • On: 4 May 2021

I finally arrived in the UK yesterday. After 7 flight cancellations since I was meant to leave in December, I am relieved to be on English soil. These past few months have been tough, but I am here now.

I’ll be looking for a full-time opportunity as a Design Director. If you know of any opportunities, please give me a shout.

It’s tough to have to start again. I have two suitcases of stuff. I’ve left loved ones and friends behind. So my heart is a little sore. But I am eager to embrace the opportunity to build a new life for myself.

I last lived here in 2004. There seems to be a lot of change. I’m excited to explore this amazing city again. I am looking at life through a very different lens, so I just can’t wait to take it all in.

Big thanks to everyone who helped me get here.