I want to podcast

I have been wanting to start a podcast to discuss Design for years. I encourage a lot of the experts I know to start their own podcasts, but have failed to do so myself.

What’s stopping me?

I haven’t done this yet because I don’t want to do this alone. I have asked a couple of people I converse with frequently about design if they would like to join me, but no one seems to have the time.

Why don’t you do it alone?

I have avoided doing a podcast on my own as I’d basically just be talking to myself, which I already do, which I spend a portion of my day meditating to try and calm down. This doesn’t seem to me like something people would want to listen to. It might become too much of a performance, like a late night radio DJ, which is just not my thing.

So what does a podcast look like to you?

My ideal podcast should be a conversation. Usually with two or more people. Now, I’m not trying to be Joe Rogan. I don’t want to interview people. He’s nailed that format and it’s why he’s my favorite to watch. I want to sit down and talk to another designer. I want to talk about design. The happenings going on in our industry. I would be very open to having conversations with designers who might be experts in their field, or in town and eager to all shop with us, but I don’t want to rely on it. There’s enough going on in the industry and enough meta to get through at least an episode a week.

So what are you going to do?

I guess this is an invitation to anyone who might be feeling the same way I do. Someone who wants to talk design, as I do. Sit out each week and talk shop. Someone with some experience. Some with passion. I’m used to chatting on the daily with quite seasoned design leaders. But I enjoy a good conversation with my younger practitioners too. If you think you could commit to sitting down with me for a chat and bring something to the table, then please reach out. I have no sponsors, no equipment, no solid plan. I just want to podcast and talk about design, and share it with the world.