In-Person Meetings are strange

  • Posted in: Life
  • On: 15 June 2020

Today I went to my first in-person meeting at an office and it was a little strange. I wasn’t sure what to expect and remember getting a little anxious about it a few days ago. At the same time, I was excited to talk to people in person, other than cashiers when buying groceries. I haven’t had a lot of human engagement since early March.

I wore a mask, I greeted with an elbow, my hands were sanitised and my temperature was a healthy 36,7°C. When people joined us in the boardroom, it was awkward as we all had our masks on and we all kept a healthy distance from each other. I honestly miss handshakes.

I was very politely asked if I mind them taking off their masks, and I was somewhat relieved. I’m still not used to wearing masks as I have only used them when being outside of my apartment, which has been roughly once or twice a week for a very short period of time.

Something I also noted is that things have changed, the goals and direction our life was on was completely different. I’d encourage people to really reflect on where they are at and where they want to go moving forward. I haven’t personally mapped that out specifically. I guess I’m at ease with new challenges rather that certain paths in these very uncertain times.

It’s nice to see people’s faces. It’s nice to talk to people. To laugh and smile. To be around them and feel their energy. And after an hour I had forgotten for a moment that we were still mid pandemic. But saying goodbye, was. once again that awkward mask on, no handshake or anything, which is something I’m going to have to get used to. Never mind a warm hug. Boy, do I miss a good squeeze.

Leaving I had to register my temperature again and thankfully nothing had changed. It’s certainly not a bad experience, I would encourage people to stretch their legs a bit, I think it’s healthy for your mind to be around people and have some interaction, even at a distance, although it going to take some getting used to because it just feels strange that this is the new norm.