London Hotel Quarantine

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  • On: 5 May 2021

I am required to Quarantine for 10 days in a hotel upon arrival in the UK. I am not too phased by it and quite like the idea of just relaxing for a bit while I get settled into my new start. Yes, I’m an introvert, so this time alone is welcomed.

Day 1 – Tuesday 4 May 2021

They feed your routinely in your room. Dropping off bags of food and theres a steady supply of refreshments. Moore than I need. The meals aren’t exactly warm, and I have had to chase them up where it seems they have forgotten to send me a meal, but I’m not going hungry.

I ordered a sim card through Amazon and it arrived by the end of the day. So I placed a further order of basics I’d left behind and a few treats.

I’m making a video documenting the experience. I will update you when it goes live.

Other than that, I’m stuck in my room. I’m fine.

Day 2 – Wednesday 5 May 2021

20 minutes exercise as a day, means a security guard will escort you outside to walk on the hotel property. I’ve seen this stuff in prison movies. It’s miserable outside, I chose to stay in.

Did my Covid test, myself. I think I cocked it up. Lets see.

Got more stuff from Amazon, loving the experience. Great communication. Easy to track. It’s not something I’ve been used to, so forgive my geeking out.

Been editing a video about my traveling over and my initial stay in the hotel and will hopefully drop tomorrow. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the bell to be notified.

Day 3 – Thursday 6 May 2021

It is easy to just sleep in. Time seems to be drifting away. Have not been bored really. Getting some much needed rest.

The routine of meal times and bag of food deliveries seems normal. I would never eat this much at home.

Theres no hot water in the hotel. They notified us immediately. Seem’s they’re on it. Respect.

Edited my video and uploaded it. Give it a watch here.

I’m Covid negative. Next test on day 8.