My Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals - Mason Currey

I have been listening to Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey and it inspired me to write how I work. While not an artist, but a design leader, I still thought I’d share how I generally went about practicing my craft and some of my unique quirks. The season in my life is mostly during my time leading the design team at Nedbank.

5:30 am

Wake Up
Meditate with Headspace
Get dressed in a black t-shirt, chinos, and sneakers
Drive to work

6:00 am

Settle into my desk in the back corner and jump onto email and planning my day ahead

8:00 am

Catch up with the Creative Directors. I either drink tea or a grande cappuccino with 8 white sugars 😳

This is a casual daily ritual where we caught up so I was aware what was happening with the team, projects, how everybody was and how I could help.

9:00 am

Catch up with boss to discuss what we need to do and what challenges we need to solve.

9:30 am

Meetings, meetings and more meetings, this could include giving design direction and interviewing potential candidates.

11:00 am

This is around the time I get hungry and will have my first meal. I usually have Kefir as it’s too early to get something more wholesome around the office.

Back to meetings

1:00 pm

Small ketogenic lunch if I can get the chefs to cook me something with low carbs, medium protein and high fat.

Back to meetings

2:00 pm

Leave the office and head home

2:30 pm

Afternoon nap in my hammock

4:00 pm

Eat final meal for the day, something heart and wholesome that warm, filling and comforting.

If not talking to team members on the phone, I’m studying something or relaxing in front of the TV.

8:30 pm


9:30 pm

Shower and get into bed, usually catching up on series or listening to. an audiobook.

A couple of things to note.

I fast daily. Sometimes 13 hours, sometimes 16 hours+

I go to bed early, but not someone who sleeps a lot, it can be well after midnight. My head is always thinking about things and often in these late hours, I come up with some of my biggest solves. I keep a laptop and a pen and paper handy.