No added sugar

I made a decision to cut out as much added sugar as possible recently. Not all sugar, just the kind I can add to tea, coffee, etc. I thought it would be too ambitious to cut out carbs entirely. I tend to need fruits and I find it hard to be super conscious. about every ingredient in every product I might consume.

What’s this got to do with design? Well if design is problem-solving., Then my choice to reduce the daily intake of sugar and other dependencies, then this is by design. I find a lot of designers, or creative folk in general aren’t that healthy. We drink too much, we let our youth hide the effects of consuming the way we do. We need energy drinks to stay up late. Eat fast food out of convenience while meeting deadlines and I’m certainly guilty of treating the designers with donuts and muffins for team meetings. So let me pass on some of the advice I wish I’d taken when I was a younger designer.

I enjoy my grande cappuccino on the daily, with 8 sugars. Without them, I am not fan of the bitter taste of coffee. Tea isn’t as extreme, but I tend to drink many cups within a day. It’s a lot of sugar. Something I’ve owned, but I’m not comfortable with. We’re told endlessly that refined sugar is bad for us. So there have to be benefits to removing it.

I have not added sugar for 3 weeks now. I don’t notice any weight loss. My energy is a little low, but I am able to train and without the sugar first thing in the morning, I fast longer and have not passed out yet. I’m certain in time there will be a noticeable change in my appearance. Be that my skin, my weight or my sugar levels.

Some days I feel like I’m going to crack and go get my grande. But generally speaking, I’m fine, not missing the tea nearly as much as I thought I would. Cutting out fizzy drinks 9 years ago, I’ve have never looked back. I can’t imagine what I’d look like had I not cut them out.

By having sweet things around, or any type of snack I tend to consume it. If theres nothing around, then theres not to consume. Fairly simple. I haven’t overly been craving sweet things either. Which should help keep some weight off.

If you are considering cutting out sugar. Please remember to hydrate. Drink lots of water. In the first few days, you will get headaches. That’s probably more the coffee than the sugar. But it will pass. Just stick it out. I did two weeks and now I’ve gotten to three. And so it goes.

I’m not sure about sugar-free drinks. They have always tasted gross to me. Substitutes too. No one is asking you to cut out all sugar. Moderately eat honey, fruits, etc. You will naturally stop craving sweet things. But no more refined sugar. No more added sugar.