Nutrition by Design

Eating is something we all have in common, regardless of who we are, what race, religion, gender, and job title we might have. We need to fuel ourselves in order to function as people, never mind be more productive. So it’s important to fuel ourselves in the best way possible. Here are my best nutrition tips.

Before you go any further. These are what work for me, based on my own experience. We are all different. I’m a designer, not a nutritionist. So seek professional help as required.


I struggle to get 8 glasses of water in me a day, but I strongly urge you to try to drink water. If you had to choose one thing you need to digest in. order to survive, water is the purest healthiest non-fat essential you must have. It will help you poo. Keep you hydrated. Clear. your skin. I can go on and on. It’s obvious but easily neglected.

Coffee & Tea

The only other things I drink are cappuccinos and tea. In both, I have far too much sugar. So I am actively avoiding drinking both and have switched to warm water with lemon.


If you want a healthy gut, you need probiotics. I drink milk kefir daily. It’s one of the best probiotics. I do also have yogurt and kombucha too. You can supplement with tablets, but live bacteria are better.


Green leafy vegetables are best, so are lots of colourful variety out there. They’re high in fiber and nutrients. I don’t eat them much, especially salad. I never have. They simply taste and feel gross to me. But please, eat your vegetables. I am very aware of how the lack of veggies is hurting my health. I do try to eat avo as much as possible.


I like fruit, but eat less of it in winter. Because I don’t eat too many vegetables, I get a lot of my fiber from fruit. There’s a lot of sugar, but the positives of fruit, outweigh the cons. I love dried fruit, but it moderation.


I get most of my protein from meat. Not great for the environment, not kind, but I’d not eat much if I never ate meat. I’d suggest eating fish over other meats, but I’m a fan of bacon, lamb chops, wors, and a good steak. Eggs are great sources of protein too. So are a lot of vegetables. Plant-based proteins are getting better, but despite my best efforts, I’m not there yet. Dried worse and biltong are a weakness, but I convince myself that it’s healthy given it’s not cooked.


I enjoy carbs, but I eat them moderately. They don’t agree with me and I apparently don’t digest them properly and have been told not to eat them. Problem is, there aren’t a lot of dishes without carbs. Avoid most bread, the more whole grain, fiber-rich, and fermented, the better.


This ancient delight is hard to figure out. I generally don’t add it to my food all that often. I would suggest adding some both for taste and its mineral benefits. Less sodium is probably better. I use sea salt.


My biggest weakness is sugar. I have 8 spoons in a grande cappuccino and 4 in my tea. Regrettably, I also have a sweet tooth and would eat dessert for dinner if I could. I believe the fastest way to lose unwanted weight and have healthier skin would be to cut sugar out. I am trying. Sodas are a quick way to start cutting sugar out. I highly recommend it. I have not had a soda since 2012, not even a sip. Cakes, chocolates, and candy are treats, not to be consumed all the time.


Unless you have juice squeezed in front of you, I’d recommend cutting it out. It’s just as high in sugar as any soda and you are consuming large amounts of calories. The longer it sits, the more nutrition is lost and the more sugar it has.


I don’t drink. The large amounts of sugar it contains is one of the main reasons. To every health benefit, I am certain there are healthier things you could consume which would do the same thing. If you do drink, go easy. Alcohol is not nourishment.


Healthy fats are. important to consume, I. don’t eat salmon, but it’s good for you. I supplement omega oil. Not those silly capsules, tablespoons of the stuff. Eating nuts, avo’s, and using extra virgin olive oil are also great fats. Fried food, that’s not healthy fat, not even on a ketogenic diet. Coconut Oil is another great fat source.


I hear all sorts of good things about vinegar. I have tried apple cider vinegar. It’s meant to help with insulin spikes. It’s supposed to have many other benefits too. So do other vinegars. Lemons are acidic too and add great flavour to food and drinks. I’m currently starting my day with warm lemon water instead of tea.


I supplement spices because I don’t add a lot of spice to my foods. But they are chock full of essential natural healing nutrients.


I try to get vitamins and minerals from foods, but given that I barely eat vegetables, I do take vitamin C, D, and Zinc daily to keep my immune system strong, especially now because of Covid.


I try to fast as often as possible, at least 13 hours. This I do from sunset to sunrise in line with my circadian rhythm. Intermittent fasting is 16-18 hours, which is better. Longer fasts done properly are even better. I eat in feeding windows. Try not to snack, that’s for cows who need to graze all the time. We have one stomach and it needs time to rest. Starving yourself is not fasting. Time restrictive eating needs good feeding when it’s time to eat. Always listen to your body.


I believe you need professional advice if you’re considering dieting. Keto does agree with me, but II find it hard to maintain. I rather try and eat clean. I don’t believe in extreme dieting under any circumstance. Speak to a professional.

Fast Foods

They’re convenient, but they’re mostly crap. I’m as guilty as the next person for eating them. But I’d suggest home cooking rather.


Most foods are full of preservatives. Try and avoid foods that are designed to last longer. Fresh, live, raw foods are much better for you. Go organic where you can.

It’s understandable that we can’t all eat at the same time and we don’t all consume foods in the same way. These are my suggestions based on everything I understand. Don’t follow what I say to the letter and be sure to seek professional help. Below is some further reading I recommend.

How Not to Die by Dr Michael Greger with Gene Stone
The Obesity Code by Jason Fung
The Human Superorganism by Rodney Dietert
Salt by Mark Kurlansky