Post Quarantine Update

  • Posted in: Travel
  • On: 19 May 2021

On Friday I left my quarantine hotel and travelled through to my aunt. She stays outside of London in a small town which is a huge change from what I’m used to. It’s only been a few days, but I have gotten a lot done. So I thought I’d part with some wisdom |I have gained for anyone making the leap to the UK.

Healthcare is free in the UK. As a citizen, you need to get an NHS number. You need to get to a local doctor and they will give you the forms to apply for it. You may need your passport to identify you. They will then send it off for you and it could take up to 12 weeks to get your NHS number.

You can get a UK drivers license by registering on the UK government website and they will send you forms to fill in and post back to them along with your foreign driver’s license.

In order to pay your taxes and get benefits in the UK, you need a National Insurance number. You can work without one, so long as you have the right to work in the UK. But you will need to get one. You can register for one on the UK Gov website. You sign up, get a document to sign, and mail it in. this should take up to 3 weeks.

You can set up a bank account through Wise (formerly TransferWise) before you get to the UK. You can then transfer money for a minimal fee. Far less than the foreign exchange outlets. When you get to the UK, you can get a card delivered.

I grabbed a pay-as-you-go 3 5G Sim card which has unlimited calls, texts and data.

To travel around London, you can order an Oyster card. You just add some funds on it and you can use it to pay for your travel on trains and busses around the city.

Most of the services have apps, so be sure to download.

My days are filled by long walks, eating my aunts great cooking and searching for jobs.