Sharing my work

I recently updated my website. One of the things I chose to do was take down my portfolio. I rarely update it as the type of work I have been doing, doesn’t always have a visual output. I am a design leader, I give design direction, coach and mentor designers, etc.

What I don’t do as often, is design a product end-to-end. Even if I start the initial design, I have rarely finished it as it’s not cost-effective to have someone like me doing the churning out of designs. So I feel uncomfortable adding these designs to my portfolio.

I would think given my experience, which I think is fairly impressive, and if nothing else, just having a conversation with me, should be enough. I do also write a fair amount and make youtube videos too. But as I told the other day, by a senior recruiter, corporates want to see my portfolio.

I honestly don’t agree with this. But then I’m not hiring me. I”ll have to accept that some places want to see what I’ve done. I have to play the game. Even though I seriously doubt they would even bother to do much more than cast an eye over things.

I have heard all sorts of excuses for not hiring me. From my lack of education, being too senior for the role, assumed to be too expensive, not BEE, and so on. I’m tired of excuses. So I want to give myself every chance of getting at least closer to an interview.

I’ve added my work back to the site. For those few potential employers who are more comfortable seeing what I can do. Despite being somewhat outdated and fairly light in its current state. I intend on updating it over the next few weeks.