Show up and practice

I borrowed that heading. It’s a post by Budi Tanrim. He spoke the words I needed to hear today. I sometimes let perfection get in the way. I write way more posts than I publish. I have this bad habit of editing while I write. I also try to be too formal, like what I say will get printed in a book.

It’s a real struggle. But I try to write every day. I believe it will make me better at communicating. I have a lot going on in my head and I know I need a release it into the world. With Lockdown, I don’t get to talk to other designers as often. So I tend to find blogging helps me do this. But then it’s my own self-criticism that prevents me from publishing.

It can also be a challenge to decide what to write about. Some days I literally stare at a blank page and just nothing comes out. I don’t mind if I only post every other day. But I believe you do need to attempt to write, you need to stop yourself from being too much of a perfectionist. In the words of Budi Tarrim – Show up and practice.