Two Meals a Day

I first discovered Mark Sisson on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience. He talks about Achieving Metabolic Flexibility Through Fasting. He piqued my interest because his knowledge is based on what he had learned through his own research.

Mark Sisson and his new book Two Meals a Day

Mark has a casual approach to how he has gone on a journey to discover all that he knows about nutrition, well-being, and longevity. I am a similar scholar, whether that be fitness, nutrition, self-love, or art, design, and leadership. All subjects I’m quite passionate about.

His latest book Two Meals a Day is a brilliant read that goes into way more than nutrition and fasting, but how to eat, sleep, and mindfulness. I have already listened to it once, and I’m ready to listen to it again. It has affirmed so many of the practices that I already do, and it has motivated me to do so much more. If you want a new relationship with how you eat, what you eat, and when you eat, then this is a solid read for you.

I recently stopped drinking tea and coffee due to the insane amount of sugar I add for taste. I was inspired by Dr. Berg who posted a video that explained What would happen if you stop eating sugar for 14 days. I am past that and will try and make 21 days as Mark has suggested.

Since quitting the added sugar. I have been fasting longer. Eating less. Feel less bloated. Had less craving for sweets and chocolates. I’m sure there are lots of positive things I cannot yet see. I believe this is the right thing to do to reduce some of the unwanted weight and bad eating habits. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. Until then, pick up Marks book, you will eat less and be more healthy, physically and mentally.