Virtual First

The pandemic forced us to change the way we work. With a vaccine being rolled out, you’d think that companies would be gearing up to get everybody back to the office. However, I have noticed that a few companies are talking about continuing to work remotely and be Virtual First.

What Virtual First means, is to work remotely and only by exception to work in-person with colleagues. With this new approach, there is a requirement to put some processes and practices in place. This should ensure productivity, and reduce burnout.

Michelle Morrison, who leads the Design & Research ops teams at Dropbox has been sharing some of their thinking. While reading her thoughts, I discovered this incredible resource they have for their Virtual First Toolkit. This documents their experimentation in their newly found working environment.

I would like to see more companies sharing how they plan to adapt and keep teams motivated, aligned, and productive moving forward. If you are a leader or in Design Ops, you should certainly take inspiration from the incredible work being done by the Design Team at Dropbox.