Week 21 – 2021


Interviewed for 3 jobs.

Got rejected by 1 company I interviewed with 😢

Reworking my portfolio.


I’ve been in the UK for 4 weeks.

Semolina is my new favourite pudding.

I have 130 subscribers on youtube, that’s 3 more subscribers than the week before. I got another three, but lost them a day later.

I’m down 4kg’s since I left South Africa, now weighing 89.1 kgs.

Dexter is looking more grown up and handsome every day.

Met my teenage nephew for the first time since he was a baby.

Had my first braai (barbecue) in the UK.


Humans seasons 1 – 3 marathon

What can we learn from the new generation of designers? – Lucas Coelho

Dirty Design With Draplin: Crusty Techniques to Create Truly Original Work – Aaron Draplin

Wrath of Man – Guy Ritchie

Notable Reads & Listens

Apparently, I was user #2595 on Dribbble.

I’m currently reading Better Onboarding by Krystal Higgins

I’m taking a page out of Dan Malls Weeknotes. Weekly journals of my work, personal notes, what I have watched, and notable reads & listens.