Week 23 – 2021


Waiting to sign contracts on my new job.

ADPList mentoring is picking up again.


Spent a day in London with my sister.

Theres under a month until Poirier vs. McGregor 3: UFC264

Been searching for accommodation in London. Lots of misleading listings. Super frustrating given the time it takes and the high prices of rentals.

Found a lovely house share in London on the river.


Sweet Tooth on Netflix.

Loki is not a blockbuster movie, but a series.

Infinite with Mark Wahlberg 👌

Notable Reads & Listens

Articulating Design Decisions by Tom Greever

You only need 5 fonts

Tips & Tricks

On a mac, hit option+2 for ™, option+3 for £ and option+0 for º

If you travel into London for a day, get an off-peak day travel card. You get a return ticket on the train, plus all tube, train and bus travel around the city for the day at a fraction of cost of a one way ticket price.