Week 27 – 2021


When I’m not on video calls, I slack!

A smaller product design team is totally different from leading a 100+ design team in corporate.

Leading remotely is challenging.


It’s fight week #UFC264 🎉 🇮🇪 👑

I’m still waiting for summer.

Moved my second jab 💉 to an earlier date now that I’m in London.

I have struggled with the weather so much, that I have barely done anything in London. So I decided to start booking visits to museums and galleries.

Ordering bulk items like bottled water and toilet paper through Amazon Prime is a game-changer.

The Natural History Museum is great and it’s totally free, but you do have to book.


Black Widow 💣

Notable Reads & Listens

This Is Your Mind on Plants by Michael Pollan

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