Week 29 – 2021


Been focused this week on Playbooks, Sprints, and Design Systems.

The first month is behind me at MOHARA

Having to learn how to use Figma, Miro, AirTable and Google Meets better … I kinda suck as I haven’t really used them much before.

Designed a logo for Thero Construction as part of the 67 Logos Campaign.

Designed a new logo for MOHARA.


I have completed 50 fasts in a row.

Covid restrictions were dropped on Monday, no more masks … well almost. I still feel too uncomfortable not to wear a mask.

Dexters grades are up significantly this term 🌟

Finally got registered at a local surgery. USed the NHS app and the process wasn’t too hard. Just took a while. Still struggling to get my prescription locally, but one thing at a time.

It was mostly sunny in London, sucked to be stuck indoors. But I did sneak out early in the mornings and enjoy listing to audiobooks on a bench along the promenade.

Had to self isolate this week due to my flatmate getting covid-19. I’m good though, can get back to normal on Monday.

Notable Reads & Listens

I actually wrote something other than weeknotes for my blog. Read about my first month in London.

Inspiration, Tips & Tricks

Customisable SVG Patterns for your project Pattern Monster