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Coca-Cola Feel It

I don’t drink the product, but I absolutely love this minimal Coca-Cola advertising campaign. This minimal campaign by Publicis Italy, shows just how iconic the brand really is. Only a logo and a title are needed to make the invisible visible.

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After an intense Ayahuasca retreat, I decided to go to Bali for a week. These are my notes I posted on Facebook at the time… Day 01 – Customs are meticulous and made sure I got the practice packing my luggage in my undersized suitcase, I made it through, officially not a drug mule – […]

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Do more in 2018

2017 was a really great year, full of challenges, full of adventure and full of fun. I wanted to do a recap, cause I did amazing things, like hot air balloon, go to New York, camp at the coast and so much more, but I never seemed to find the time or the focus. Truth […]

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Live the Adventure

As I’m planning a little getaway over new years along the coast, I wanted to tell you about this inspiring fella Louis who did this awesome World Flight with his mate JP. I’m quite new to vlogging, and while I have entertained the idea, I am kinda loving stuff like this, rather than watching regular […]

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50 Things 2016

The past year was not all doom and gloom for me and I thought I’d mention a few things I appreciated about 2016 and I hope to continue adding this sort of good stuff into 2017. Gratitude. I have been practicing giving thanks for the things I do have and I really believe it makes […]

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Hello 2016

I’m not one who overly conforms to social norms, so something like new years resolutions are not my thing, I believe if you are going to make a change, anytime is a good time to start, but I’m also not a buzz kill, theres a renewed energy that comes with a new year, so let […]

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15 epic moments in 2015

A video posted by Craig Jamieson (@craigjamieson) on Dec 31, 2015 at 8:44am PST   2015 has to have been one of the most challenging years of my life and I honestly felt at times I just wasn’t going to make it. But I hung in there and it turned out to be a pretty […]


One small step

A photo posted by Craig Jamieson (@craigjamieson) on Nov 12, 2015 at 10:47pm PST   The alarm went off and I sprung out of bed, into my shorts, fleeceĀ and sneakers and I met my friend John and superdawg below Table Mountain. Today was going to be the start of my new life, my new adventure, […]