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Currently, the world is experiencing a pandemic and I thought I’d reflect on my personal situation during these strange times. I have been working from home for 4 months now, so I’m not nearly as freaked out as other people are staying at home in social-distancing myself. I am healthy, physically and mentally. Washing my […]

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The 32-Hour Workweek

Back in 2002 I first met Ryan Carson at a Macromedia Flash event in London, (although he probably won’t remember that) but somehow through the industry and social networks we have crossed paths. I think at the time he was involved in the BD4D (by designers 4 designers) projects, but he has since gone on […]

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Productivity & being chained to your desk

I spend a lot of time thinking about the in-efficiency, of what feels like, being chained to my desk in order to show how productive I am. I’m not only speaking for myself, this is an observation I have made for a really long time, at many agencies I’ve worked at. Working in a open […]

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Creative in Business

Everyone likes to call themselves creative these days, long gone are the days when creative purely meant those weird arty types who draw, act and write poetry. No these days everyone thinks they’re creative and are entitled to be creative. Often I hear people say, “ideas can come from anyone, even the tea lady”. Does that […]

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Focus on the project, not awards

It’s my opinion that creatives in the ad industry are focussed on the wrong things and they’ve lost site of the experience you go through actually working on projects. Too often I hear people start a project with statements like, “we need an award winning idea”, “this is an award winning campaign” and “this is […]

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The better part of 2013

Just about every person I talk to had a pretty rough 2013 and they’d just like to put it behind them and are hoping for a better year in 2014. I certainly had a challenging year and I could rant, but I’d rather attempt to highlight the most memorable moments of 2013. I got out […]

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Tossing Tables

It’s been my experience that most agencies are structured wrong for optimum creative collaboration. Traditionally there are studios that have client service departments in one room, a boardroom or two and the creative studio, which consists of even more rows of desks. While I would love to tackle the entire agency, in this post, I […]