Designer Ego

We all have ego’s and they are gluttonous beasts within all of us. As designers, our egos get in our way and often chase a lot of great opportunities away. My best advice I have for everyone, including myself. Get rid of your ego, focus on your work and be excited by every opportunity that comes your way. We are problem solvers and there’s little that should be beyond our ability to apply our thinking.

Yes we all want to work on hot brands that make us feel great, but doing great work of your own, trumps the success of others, honestly, get over yourself, there are very few people who can singularly lay claim to an entire brands success.

I was watching a talk the other day where the speaker explained that when you work at Apple, it’s not your design, it is Apple. Ego is gone! Product and brand are great, you work there, contributing the team that makes Apple great.

There are a lot of great people willing to afford us many opportunities if we just drop the ego, so be rid of it and you will do the best work of your life.