Designers: learn to code

For a while now, designers have been able to fire up their favorite design program and whip out some layouts which are sold to clients and then handed over to developers. While it would be damaging to some talented individuals to expect them to be able to do anything else, other than what they are primarily good at. For everyone else, they must learn to code.

The problem is that more often than not, is that the design does not come out built the same way it looked when it was designed. There could be any number of reasons, such as the designer not understanding what development limitations there might be, the developer does not pay attention to the details a designer might see, or things like responsive behavior and animation which you can’t explain in a static design.

The only logical solution I see is for designers to become great coders, learning how to design in the browser vs in a visual design app like sketch or photoshop. Of course, if developers came to the party and teamed up with designers like copywriter/art directors come together, that would be ideal.

Designers please, enroll in some online courses and learn to build your own responsive layouts, code animations and build a set of tools that will speed up your process with best in practice functional UI. Designers must learn to code.