Fear of flying

DJI Mavic Mini

I bought a DJI Mavic Mini last year and I took it for its first real flight today. Needless to say, it did not go as I’d hoped.

I used to own a DJI Mavic Pro and that worked out the box with very little problems, other than the guy trying to fly it. So if you want to buy a drone and provided it’s not illegal to do so at that weight, that’s the drone I’d recommend buying.

The problem I have with the mini is that it won’t stay connected to my phone. So I am reluctant to fly it out of risk of losing it. Granted, I live in the heart of Sandton. There are a few buildings here, nothing like New York City, Hong Kong or London. But then if I recall, I have not seen too many people who have reviewed the drone flying them there.

So before I come to any conclusions, I will go outside of the CBD soon and then, give a comprehensive review.