Freelance TV

Dann Petty has put together a series called Freelance TV that documents freelancing. Inspired by the interviews, I thought I’d talk to the many freelance roles I have for filled over my career.


There is a stigma with the word freelancing that made me uncomfortable early in my career. To me I did not work for free, I was not some guy working in a basement etc, rather I was an independent professional and I guess, literally a one man show for the first 10 years of my career, because I chose to be self-employed as I had no formal design education.

Freelancer slash unemployed

Between working at agencies, I was forced to freelance in order to bring in some sort of income between finding full-time employment.

Freelance employee

While holding a position at agencies, I have worked as a freelance designer while also earning a full-time salary. This was nice way to earn some extra income, but it’s time-consuming and really difficult to pull off given the attention to detail I am used to putting into projects.

Freelancer at an agency

Probably my least favorite experience has been freelancing at agencies. The sitting at an agency having to design or direct seems forced and just didn;t sit well with me. People don;t treat you with the same level of respect and you pretty much just feel like a screwdriver executing someone else’s bad ideas.

Whatever your situation and your reasons for freelancing, I hope it gives you both the freedom and rewards you deserve.