Friday finds + friendly tips

Just when I thought I was growing tired of things online, (I actually even tweeted that I was bored with the web) Google and a few other companies have dropped some serious bombs and there are now a bunch of interesting things online worth exploring. With all this geeking it up, even an old hat like myself can learn a thing or two, I feel worth sharing with you.


  • Google+ launched and has already got 10 Million+ users. It’s still by invite only, so send me your gmail address and I’ll invite you.
  • If you have email overload, then perhaps Shortmail’s 500 character limit will help. No attachments, no junk mail, no folder management. Just pure text. Claim your name
  • Adobe released the Flash Player 11 beta for desktops. This particular build brings with it Stage3D APIs, for “advanced” 2D and 3D rendering, 64-bit support, H.264 encoding, and 7.1 surround sound.
  • +1 buttons let people who love your content recommend it on Google search. Follow the instruction’s and easily add the +1 button here.
  • Kevin Rose decided to point his domain to his Google+ account as it gives him more (real time) feedback and engagement than his blog ever did.
  • Over 36 000 businesses may have already signed up for Google+ which will launch later this year.
  • State of the Internet 2011 is an interactive infographic created by Online Schools.
  • If you like infographics, then you need to visit, the world’s largest community for exploring, sharing, creating, and promoting data visualizations.
  • Plus buddy analyzes your public Facebook profile and provides recommmendations of who to follow on G+
  • You can register for DesignSignoff, a new elegant tool for design presentation & review.
  • For interesting stats and to discover and Find People on Google+
  • Tweet my Plus is a service to tweet your Google+ posts.


  • Don’t tweet at 2am about yawning, you might have yawned several times tweeting, but no one will be around to respond to your curious questions.
  • Keep your url’s short by using the Google url shortener
  • Despite being irritated when receiving calls from blocked numbers, answer the phone, apparently clients might be calling your from PABX systems etc which will block the number.
  • Create a short URL for your Google+ profile on
  • If you are a client, please don’t call, email us so we have a record of our conversation. If we talk, we’ll do it face to face, I promise we play well with others.
  • Learn how to redirect your homepage /+ URL to your Google + profile like this
  • Lots of functionality not available in Google+ can be achieved by using Google Chrome’s extensions
  • If you hit the home button on your keyboard, it scrolls to the top of the browser (Yes, I really didn’t know that)
  • If you’re not sure what is going on currently on Google+, don’t worry, the hottest topic is currently people are talking about Google+ as it’s full of early adopters.