Google+ first impressions

There is all sorts of hype around Google+, the latest attempt by the search giant to be part of social media. So after a brief tinker this past weekend, I thought I’d share a little insight with you.

Things I like

  • Circles is kind of neat, love the drag and drop functionality, deleting circles see’s them roll off the screen etc
  • Posting to specific circles (groups) or individual people, even those not on Google+ yet via email
  • Mobile version of the site is beautiful, it looks like a app, but it runs in the browser
  • Currently there is no advertising
  • Your mom’s not using it, nor are the Justin Bieber fans

Things I’d like

  • Nice and neat vanity url in which to share profile
  • An obvious way to invite friends – without friends, it’s not very social
  • Ability to import contacts from other social networks or .csv files
  • My other social feeds imported into Google+, so I can tweet my updates but they’re posted in Google+
  • More integration with other Google apps

There’s alot of hype, but it’s the silence within the network most of the current members are enjoying, the calm before the storm and the chance to setup a network right, from the get go. I will keep posting as I discover new and cool features worth sharing.

UPDATE: You can now have a vanity url

UPDATE (again): Google have opened up invites, it’s obviously placed and if you want to join Google+ leave your gmail address in a comment and I’ll try and add you. Google has said invites will be slowly added in batches, but so far everyone I’ve added has joined successfully.