Harlem Shake Agency Challenge

Thanks to those super fine folk at The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town our afternoon was filled with even more dancing, laughter and silliness than is usual for a Friday. They had uploaded their @JupiterCT Harlem Shake and a challenge to other agencies to join the meme and we promptly got it together, aggravated the other tenants in the building and got our shake on. We @MCSaatchiAbel promptly put it together, missing a few critical details (yes I’m a stickler for detail) and proceeded to join a few other agencies in sharing our video and of course we had to extend the challenge to our Cape Town team and a few other of our colleagues in the industry. Spirits were high and the usual competitiveness between agencies was out of the window and we all seem to simply have some fun.

These are a few of the agency “Harlem Shakes” I’ve picked up on. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The agency harlem shake has taken off according to Ad Age with a dedicated site for you to watch agencies from all over the world.