The most important meal of the day

Most of my life I have been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Up until recently it was my least favourite meal, in fact I used to feel sick if I ate in the morning, something I wish i new the reason for, but on a typical day, I would not eat until about mid day. Over the past 6+ months I have gone through rapid self development and a big part has to do with my current location. Cape Town is a pretty convenient place to live, it’s smaller than other cities I have lived in, yet it has an abundance of really great places to grab a really good breakfast.

I no longer subscribe to the gym rat mentality of eating 5 – 7 meals a day, I now eat when I want to. I also adda good amount of nutrition to my body which was seriously lacking. I usually start my day with a good amount of kefir (Try Thank Goodness food & beverages if you want to find where to get this incredible probiotic in Cape Town) in my stomach. But I feel the need to eat earlier, and the great thing about this, is I tend to get going earlier. Despite winter making it too cozy in bed to want to get up, its always exciting to eat at my of my favourite places to eat breakfast. I conveniently use their wifi too and I have now found it’s increased my productivity a lot.

I get a bunch of emails out the way, usually before most people are even at the office. I close my mail program once I have eaten and tend to start focussing on other tasks and I’m just smashing through my workload. I feel strong and smarter, unlike before where I was like the walking dead most mornings, other than my inappropriate sense of humour, which is always on top form. So other than the great nutritional benefits of eating first thing in the morning, it’s increased productivity which is an added bonus. I honestly don’t really think too much about the other meals of the day, I literally eat when I’m hungry, but breakfast has become the most important meal of the day, the meal I most look forward to and by far my favourite.

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Adding the good stuff in my body this morning #nutrition #healthy #breakfast #instafood #tuesday

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