I’ve started vlogging

I’ve started a YouTube channel and have been making these little videos. I guess they’re vlogs. I’m learning as I go. I’ve really made a lot of mistakes, but it’s a lot of fun and challenging me. I needed a new project, something out of my comfort zone and creating content in this way seemed right. I have built enough portfolio sites, my first portfolio was done back in 2000 and I’d written my first blog post by 2004, which I’m also tired of doing. Social networks mostly bore me, so becoming a YouTuber seems like a thing to do, well I guess try.

The hardest part for me is capturing footage to tell my story. I’m not one for sticking to a script, so I’d likely not do very well thought out posts and have the level of storytelling like Casey Neistat, the cinematography of Peter McKinnon and I certainly don’t have the adventures of Fun for Louis. Still, I’m much more of a creative thinker, a design leader and I’m me, which if I look back on my time on this planet, I’ve always managed to attract an interesting bunch of people around me. So let us see where this goes.

I’ll likely not blog often, if at all, but I have no intention of pulling this site down anytime soon. However your support is most welcome and I’d appreciate it if you would subscribe, like, share and leave a comment.

My YouTube Channel

Stay cool!