London Day Trip

  • Posted in: Travel
  • On: 18 May 2018

– If you have a visa, got to go see the city

– You can check in your luggage at the lost luggage place for a few hours

– Take the Heathrow express to Paddington

– It’s beautifully sunny, not hot, but for the English this is a scorcher

– If you can have one meal in London, make it Ichibuns in Soho, I did 


– Supreme in London also has endless queues 

– Walking the back streets of soho is where you’ll find some great little gems tucked away

– Golden square is a civilized outdoor place to meet

– Nordic Bakery make a great cappuccino 

– The Tube is so hot I thought my face was going to melt

– Apple AirPods make you look like a tool, not as bad as some headphones, but I’d rather have cables than look like a tool

– The Heathrow Express can get as packed as any other train during peak times, but it’s a short and quick ride with minimal stops

– Going through security is way simpler, you can keep your shoes on

– Thank you London, was lovely splash and dash on the other side of the pond