National Freelancers Day

I stumbled upon this hashtag #NationalFreelancersDay on Twitter, which celebrates National Freelancers Day on June 9th (Yip, I’m so ‘merican like that … ) so I thought it’s only appropriate to write something given that while I don’t call myself a freelancer (which has something to do with my distaste for the word ‘free’ for obvious reasons) I am kinda a freelancer.

Permanent employment has simply escaped me and being an entrepreneur feels like it requires me to have more of a business with product, employees etc. While I am certainly always trying to find that next big opportunity, I remain self employed. Its common these days to rather say, what occupies your time and for me I mostly contract, consult, coach, produce and educate independently, which is another way of saying, freelancer.

Happy National Freelancers Day!

While the work I do is most certainly not free, I am feeling generous, so to celebrate National Freelancers Day my thoughts are something like this …

On this, #NationalFreelancersDay, I’m going to write off the debt from those poor clients who were never going to pay me anyway.