What I’m Doing Now

I am currently living in a flatshare in London, overlooking the River Thames.

2 weeks after leaving the Quarantine Hotel, I interviewed with a couple of great companies and had two solid offers in a matter of days. I accepted the position of Chief Design Officer at MOHARA a global product company that have offices in the UK, South Africa, Thailand, Philipines and the US.

I started working in late June. Working remotely is not without its challenges, but I find I get a lot more done at home than I do when I got into our office at WeWork.

It’s been over 6 months since I stopped drinking tea and coffee. I’m not sure it’s doing much to drop the weight. I still feel like I’m going to crack any day now. But I’ve been disciplined, mostly because there isn’t a decent coffee anywhere near where I stay. But I get tempted when I’m out and about.

I started training again at a local gym. Been losing my motivation for the past couple of weeks. I walk a lot more in London than I ever did in South Africa, which I really enjoy. I’m not gaining weight, but I’m not exactly losing it either. Could still drop a few pounds.

I’m mostly alone, so I don’t get up to much, work really is what I’m focusing on. On occasion I do get around London, usually taking in a museum or gallery. I have only made a couple of videos for YouTube, which did well, and it looks like I am doubling my subscribers by the end of the year. Started blogging more with a series called weeknotes to capture what’s going on weekly in my life.

I do really miss my son. I have not been a good friend, really keeping to myself. I’ve concluded that I’m still decompressing from what I have gone through before getting to the UK. Don’t miss South Africa much, other than the weather.


Last updated on: 22 September 2021

This Now Page is inspired by Derek Sivers