What I’m Doing Now

I am quarantined in a hotel in the UK for 10 days because South Africa. is a. red list country.

I’m ready to ramp up my job hunting efforts now that I’m in London, have a UK number and will her no more excuses from recruiters. If you are looking for a Design Director, give me a shout.

I’m working on my portfolio as I have had some people who require it. I don’t think this is the best way to understand the value I bring, but I. don’t want it to be a barrier to entry. So hopefully my new concept will resonate.

I’ve stopped drinking tea and coffee to reduce my sugar intake. Still struggling with it, trying to not give in. The goal is to lose weight. Hoping it won’t be too long until I can start raining again.

Despite all the hard knocks, loss, and pressure, I’m okay. I have a roof over my head. Food in my stomach. I’m healthy. Mentally strong. So I’m optimistic and I’m still incredibly passionate about the work I do.

Now I’d just like to be able to practice my craft and bring in a descent income.


Last updated on: 4 May 2021

This Now Page is inspired by Derek Sivers