What I’m Doing Now

I am currently visiting Johannesburg, South Africa after spending 3 months in Thailand.

When our lease ended in London, I decided not to sign a new one so I could get out of the cold and travel a bit. MOHARA allows us to work remotely, so I am taking advantage of this perk while I still can. The plan was to go to the US at some point, but that might only happen later this year, by way of Mexico. I will be visiting our Cape Town office soon, before heading to Bangkok again for a couple of months, where I’ll eventually go back to London for the summer.

I have been working as the Chief Design Officer at MOHARA for well over 6 months now and enjoying the new role in what is mostly a startup agency, which has seriously challenged me. LEading a small remote team is challenging, but we have hired a few more designers and we finally seem to be growing and moving forward as a team.

It’s been over a year since I stopped drinking tea and coffee. I’m not sure it’s doing much to drop the weight. I still feel like I’m going to crack any day now. But I’ve been disciplined so far despite the many temptations while travelling.

I’ve been training at Golds Gym in Sandton. It’s motivated me to really get my workouts in. Hoping I won’t lose momentum once I head back to Thailand.

Joburg is a strange place. If I can’t borrow a car, I have to uber around, which adds up quickly. That’s when uber drivers aren’t striking. I sometimes work at home, unless theirs load shedding. Then I head to a WeWork so I can still do my job. It’s raining most of the time, so hard to get out into nature. I have filmed my latest YouTube video, but I’ll be lucky to release this by the middle of the year. It’s just not been Only thing I have been more consistent in doing is my blog series called weeknotes in which I capture what’s going on weekly in my life.

I came to Joburg to see my son. He has grown so tall since I left, he’s almost my height and he’s only 13. It’s cute hearing his voice break, but knowing he is still my little boy inside.


Last updated on: 26 March 2022

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