Reducing phone reach

If you’re like me, you reach for your phone without even thinking about it far too often, mindlessly switching between apps, distracted by the latest photo, video or micro writing. I can’t remember whose article I was reading, but some guy mentioned that one of the best things he ever did was take his wife’s advice to remove his Facebook app from his phone. I didn’t reach for my phone straight away, but it didn’t take me long before I found myself mindlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed, so I decided to take it off.

Facebook isn’t an app I save many stories, thats something I do on Medium and Twitter a lot. But I tend to just end up with a bunch of articles I bookmark or favourite and never really get round to reading. With Facebook off my phone, I still got hugely distracted by these other apps, and while I thought it was harmless, I realised I was holding up people wanting to use gym equipment I was on, while I was fiddling with my phone between sets. So I made a conscious decision to remove Medium. But I was not ready to say cheers to Twitter, it’s my realtime news, how could I possibly remove that?

A couple of irate tweets later, I realised that I have another bad habit, besides favouriting tweets I want to read later and never do, I tend to tweet on the fly and post stuff with little or no thought. Thats risky stuff, so I decided to take Twitter off my phone.

Instinctively I still reach for my phone, but with Instagram being the only social network I still have on the device, I tend to spend less time looking down and it has not only allowed me to be less distracted, but it is saving my battery life. I will confess that I spend most of my day in front of at least one screen or another, and I certainly still visit these sites (I am experimenting with not using Facebook at all, however thats a future post) and I still use apps like Instagram, but still this is a small victory, I really do reach for my phone a lot less.