The only thing that’s constant, is change

In the earlier years of my career, I did much smaller projects. Microsites, personal sites, presentations etc. Then things got bigger, campaign sites, platforms, e-commerce sites and so on. Now days, I am very much interested in building product eco-systems, and I like to work on the same project for longer periods of time, by constantly iterating and improving things. I love how platforms like Medium, Pinterest and the like are always evolving the smallest details and constantly improving on their designs.

I could never have imagined that when I began my career, I was constantly about new things, but now the new thing, is a small detail that makes for a better experience for users. What I find amusing is that we used to redesign, and then make a big deal about it. But now we keep changing things, subtly as if no one will really notice, the site just kinda feels better. As they say, the only thing that is constant, is change.