Tossing Tables

It’s been my experience that most agencies are structured wrong for optimum creative collaboration. Traditionally there are studios that have client service departments in one room, a boardroom or two and the creative studio, which consists of even more rows of desks. While I would love to tackle the entire agency, in this post, I want to challenge the perception of the creative studio.

First thing I would do, is toss the tables. They take up too much space and unless you do production, I can’t see a major reason to have them cluttering up the limited floor space.

Of course there is a need for desks, so I’d put a variety of different spaces for people to plant their laptop around the office. Things like small tales with chairs around them. Higher cafe/bar style surfaces along the walls. This is a great space saver and additional helps creatives stand and work which is highly recommended. The use of board room tables can also be used. Coffee tables are perfect for lounging.

On the topic of lounging, this is where I’d use the floor space. I’d create clusters of couches, bean bags and go so far as to say have hammocks if need be. We’re in the idea business and we spend large amounts of time thinking, so why not do it comfortably and socially.

With the use of wifi and the mobility of devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones, it’s easy enough to sit where ever, when ever.

Some might panic because they don;t have a space to put their stuff, well it would be easy enough to give the staff lockers or shelves they can call their own.

Another great addition to help use both sides of your brain are having play areas with games, toys and libraries.

The factory like setup does not promote collaboration or encourage creative thinking. It’s too easy to get stuck in your own space, staring at a screen all day. The perfect environment would be cozy, fun, collaborative and stimulate the already challenged creative minds.