Why I don’t care much for SEO

I have been monitoring my stats this year quite a bit to see whether making the switch of my portfolio site from Flash to HTML would increase the search-ability of my site. I don’t have any much hard data to share, but I can conclude that I have not seen a single improvement and in fact the only notable search result is for people looking for one of my clients sites and an endless stream of people asking me how to become a famous TV personality.

I have also noticed that traffic has quite significantly decreased with each passing month. Nearly 10 months after I launched my HTML5 website and I’m getting less traffic than I did on my last Flash portfolio after 3 years. Of course this is not directly linked to search and will probably be another post for another day, but does abandoning Flash for a more SEO friendly HTML site make any difference? Well not for me.

I might regret saying this some day, however I will probably make my next site in Flash again, cause clearly all the hype, is just that, hype and I have enough tricks up my sleeve to make my Flash portfolio as SEO friendly as I can an HTML site.