2019 MacBook Pro wishlist

There are rumours about new MacBook being released in September, a 13 inch and a 16 inch MacBook Pro, which is very exciting, but they are sounding more like upgrades than innovative shifts. PC’s are fast catching up and offer a huge amount of competitive features. So I thought I’d add a list of features I’d like to see, even if they’re a little ambitious.

Touch Display If they can make an iPad, why not make a Mac with a touch display, something like the surface and yoga. After tapping away at my iPad I often find myself tapping my MacBook screen and nothing happens.

Gesture control Given how AR and emojicons are a thing, why not track our facial expressions and hand gestures to control our MacBooks without touching anything, this could be especially helpful while presenting work and designing 3D objects, never mind the possibilities during gaming.

FaceID Lets up the security of our MacBooks to turn them on while I sit in front of them. TouchID is useful, faceID would be even better.
Option to turn trackpad off Okay, I’m not sure if this already exists on the OS, but I’d like to turn off my trackpad when I am typing or using an external mouse. I often jump into some crazy unexpected writing funk when I accidentally touch the trackpad while typing. Let’s just disable the damn thing.

Docking station Just like the advanced graphics docking stations of razors, it would be magical if you could dock your MacBook Pro with advanced graphics, memory and processing power for heavy duty workloads.

Apple Pen I’d not be visually opposed to using my apple pencil on my MacBook Pro touch screen, even the trackpad for signing things. Could replace the magic mouse for all we know.

USB-C Let’s stick with the same adapters for a while. I really don’t feel like upgrading all of them again when a new model comes out.

What would you like to see on a new MacBook Pro?