Back on Twitter

  • Posted in: Social
  • On: 21 March 2020

I have mostly stopped using social media on my phone. I deleted all my social media apps, including Instagram. I decided to rather view things through the browser as a way of reducing the amount of screen time. But I started checking tweets for the past month or so and I have been enjoying using twitter again.

Instagram got too busy and I don’t think it was doing me any favours, full of beautiful people and over-filtered photos. First, I stop following people, and when I got to under 100 people, it just didn’t update often enough.

YouTube was never something I viewed much on my phone, but I have been trying to make a lot of videos. However, views are lower and followers even lower. So I’m on the fence about whether I’ll continue making so much effort.

LinkedIn is just a mess. While it’s my fastest-growing network, the feed is busy with stuff that just doesn’t interest me and the platform seems to want to be too many things. Recruiter, networking, updates, tutorials, premium membership etc. There, but not for me.

Twitter has been simple, relevant and engaging. When you comment, retweet and like, you get a real response. With whats going on, it’s been a great source and I’m not sure if it’s my own positive outlook or just the people I’m following, not full of memes, hate and the same old fodder everyone else is regurgitating from the media.

So for now, I like it and I’m back on Twitter. Follow me @craigjamieson_