Just Pause

Like many countries out there, we are currently in a 21 Day Lockdown as a response by our government to try to reduce to spreading of the Corona Virus.

I read a lot of encouraging posts online telling people to write that book, learn a new language and start those projects. It’s not terrible advice, but I do feel it might go against what I believe the universe is trying to tell us to do.

In our fast-paced, capitalist, hustle culture, we have destroyed the earth, literally destroying our own environment, become completely disconnected from one another, destroying a healthy culture and have very little humanity left.

Perhaps we should listen to mother nature when she’s caused us to literally shut down. While there are times of the year where our culture enjoys some holidays, this isn’t nearly as relaxing as we probably need, given the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

I’d encourage you to take advantage of the lockdown. Sleep late. Read a book. Think deep thoughts. Connect with your family. While some people will still need to work from home, your weekends will be much quieter not running around trying to squeeze your life into the 2 days. Enjoy it, take the break, literally don’t do anything. Honestly, when last did you do absolutely nothing?

Can you even … just pause.