Do more in 2018

2017 was a really great year, full of challenges, full of adventure and full of fun. I wanted to do a recap, cause I did amazing things, like hot air balloon, go to New York, camp at the coast and so much more, but I never seemed to find the time or the focus. Truth is I really don’t capture things well. I never did do a blog post about living in Hong Kong in 2015 and I have not updated my portfolio in years. I’m just not as excited about blogging as used to be. I am considering vlogging, even if I entertain my single subscriber on YouTube, but I feel a huge need to be more creative, and really make stuff. Experiment with new media etc.


But that’s, not all this post is about, I want to travel more, do more, love more and be more, just like in 2017, but even more than that. So while I will not be shutting my blog down, or likely to not update my portfolio of professional work, I might start documenting all my experiments, my travels as a creative outlet and all the interesting new things I do in my awkwardly interesting life. Yes, I am interesting, I am awesome, even if I’m the only one who thinks so, so in 2018, I’m gonna do more sharing of the stuff I do, but in a new and interesting way.

Watch this space!