Friday free social media tips

It’s been a while since I posted something about social media, but I’m seeing far too much rubbish going on, so thought I’d give a few free tips this Friday

  • Get a life, so you have something to share on your social network
  • Nobody sets up a group anymore on Facebook, setup a page
  • Twitter is not an instant messenger, if you want to have a conversation, use Skype, Direct Message, pick up the phone etc
  • If you’re having an event, and you want people to know about it, setup an event on Facebook
  • Stuff that is polite to not talk about at the dinner table is more importantly not great for discussing on social networks, it’s documented, so keep your race, political, religious and other such views away, cause it’s easy to offend
  • Don’t set up a second (or third, firth, sixteenth) personal Facebook account with YOUR NAME 2, just setup a page and use that as your Facebook profile
  • Don’t be a dick!
  • Visual posts with images and videos get higher responses
  • You cannot run apps on mobile versions of Facebook
  • If you’ve got nothing good to say, say nothing at all
  • Treat people on social networks as you would in real life
  • Tell people to Retweet your tweet if you want more retweets
  • Social media sites are gaining popularity in search results
  • Low likes, tweets and + reflect poorly on your content, so if you’ve added these buttons to your sites during the “gotta-have-it” phase, if they’re low, ditch ’em, it’ll speed up your site
  • Building your Google+ profile is a great way to increase your search ranking on Google
  • Ask users questions if you want better engagement
  • Twitter followers drop off, it happens to everyone, don’t take it personally
  • Adding a full stop before the .@ on reply lets all your followers see your response, as twitter by default assumes that @ without the fullstop is a reply to the specific person, it’s better to reply, but add their twitter handle after your reply if you want people to see and you don’t want to .@
  • In internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community
  • If you’re a DJ or a band etc and you don’t have money to burn on a website, build a strong social presence, it mostly costs nothing more but effort to maintain
  • Stop posing, pouting and pretending!
  • Share your photos at live events, add location and tag people who are with you, let everyone see what they are missing out on
  • Facebook is going to allow #hash tags in posts
  • Don’t harsh my morning mellow by ranting about traffic etc, social networks are not your soap box
  • Think before you drink, before you type, before you wake up the next day and want to die
  • Use @ and # tags on other social networks, so that when you share on networks that use these, it all works in synergy (far out man)
  • Stay cool now, over posting, is over baring and it’s kinda like over sharing
  • Try not to share only drunk moments, potential employers might not think you’re so cool, they might just think you’re a drunk
  • Home is not where the heart is, it’s some new app for Android, that’s not an app … we’ll never know until they make it for iOS
  • Your mom is the fastest growing demographic (over 55) on social networks
  • Pinterest will remove any pin deemed nudity or other such filth, even on a private board

I’m no social media guru, but as a digital creative director, I see a lot of shit on the internet, hopefully that counts for something. Otherwise just chill, it’s Friday, enjoy some free love!