Fuck Lorem Ipsum

  • Posted in: Design
  • On: 31 July 2015

I remember early in my career, I struggled with one thing, content Not being formally trained, discovering Lorem ipsum was a useful place holder. Looking back, I can see why my I ended up designing and then redesigning layouts, as content trickled in and I never really profited the way I should have when working on projects. But I’d like to think I’m smarter now, but still I am faced with working on projects where the content is not considered up front and the expectation is that I will just use latin. Well fuck your Lorem ipsum, I design right, I design with content. The content will absolutely influence my design decisions, so there is really no point in designing without the correct content, in fact I’d say design is content, laid out. Now I love me some Samual L Ipsum as much as the next motherfucker, but it’s wrong, so stop it and tell the next person who suggests using Lorem ipsum where to get off.